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As of 10/12/2020 at 3:30pm, the grant has been fully subscribed! We will still accept applications in the event some are not eligible and/or we are able to add additional grant funds at a later date. If grant funds are fully expended, your application will be prioritized for future disbursements if another round of Hospitality Grants become available. 

The Alaska Hospitality Retailers Association (AkHR) – in partnership with the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) – is happy to launch this Hospitality Businesses Relief grant program for small businesses in the hospitality industry (e.g. restaurants, cafés, caterers, quick service restaurants, snack bars, and all other non-liquor businesses.) 49th State Angel Fund, a division of the MOA, is managing the application portal and process, while AkHR will be sending payment to verified applicants in 7-10 days after review and approval of qualified applications. 

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions if you are unsure if your business qualifies.

The application process will close on November 30, 2020 at 11:59 pm.

Applicants for the Hospitality Businesses Relief grant program are businesses that experienced economic hardship due to the COVID-19 health emergency and related emergency shutdowns, including, but not limited to, loss of sales/revenue due to mandatory shutdown measures, inventory loss, additional operating expenses of reopening and protecting staff and customers, including funds already spent for those purposes. Applicants can use the relief funds for costs relating to the business interruption caused by the COVID‐19 pandemic and related Emergency closures. This includes loss of income due to mandatory shutdowns; inventory loss; additional operating expenses of reopening or resuming services to the public; costs of protecting staff, customers or clients; or other economic impacts due to the public health emergency. The grant funds may be used for future expenses or to cover for funds already spent.

Businesses that have already received a Tier A or Tier B Hospitality Grant, do not qualify for this Tier C. There is no prohibition on receiving other Federal and State relief funds, e.g. PPL, EIDL, AK CARES, etc. Applicants are responsible for verifying eligibility rules for other relief programs. This program is open to all qualifying businesses, regardless of whether they have applied for or have obtained any other state or federal COVID‐19‐related assistance. Please see FAQ document or email hospitality@anchorageak.gov if you have eligibility questions. 

The application will close on November 30, 2020 at 6:00 pm.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.